MembersGear Membership Web Software

MembersGear provides you with everything you need to easily power a membership or subscription web business.
This PHP web based software lets you easily integrate and configure your own unique design with our secure management system. A perfect solution for selling digital or physical products with single or recurring billing designed for an affiliate marketplace.

Here are features that current membersgear software offers:
  • Simple user interface and easy set up
  • More features than standard $200+ software
  • Easy integration with PayGear
  • Supports 2-tier affiliate programs
  • Supports recurring subscription fees
  • Offer one click upsells (OTO) to new customers
  • Add additional rotating login and logout pages
  • Easy site customization
  • Can protect any files or directories
  • Add an unlimited number of products
  • Drip system : Drip content to members
  • Optional users agreement to customers
  • Include unlimited AdWords tracking codes on thank you page