PICO e-tools

PICO is an ideas and design driven enterprise which strives to be financially successful company that provides high quality and creative services through the efficient deployment of best global resources. PICO is a customer service-oriented company which strives to provide high quality services to their valuable customers.

Event management is all about details, and every detail needed to be addressed by the new system. Pico e-Tool is a secure, permission-based system that allows Pico to grant varying levels of access to different clients and personnel.

Salient Features:
  • Third party tool C1 componentone web grid part is used which is a third party tool used on Reporting page and other search pages. This component has advanced features than of a grid that enable developers to build intuitive, professional-looking Web applications quickly and easily.
  • Reports for various input data are generated.
  • User does not have to remember the order on which he has to fill the documents. The system automatically generates the name of the next document to be filled.
  • Searching for already organized events.
  • History of events