• Power Transformer Ratings

    Ratron calculates:
    • Transformer ratings for continuous, emergency and short term emergency
    • Power losses
    • Winding temperatures
    • Loss of like of the transformer
  • Transmission Line Thermal Ratings

    Dynamic Ratings
    • Our consulting services can help you calculate
    • Dynamic Ratings of your Transmission Lines
  • Power Flow and Contingency Analysis

    • Transmission System Planning is critical for the reliability of the grid
    • SynchroGrid utilizes PSSE to help customers achieve this reliability
  • NERC Compliance

    • PRC - 005
    • FAC - 008


SynchroGrid - Synchronizing your world

SynchroGrid serves you in the electric power industry through its products and services that enhance the reliability of the power system. See how we can overcome your challenges. One of its product, "Ratron" allows engineers to calculate beyond nameplate ratings for power transformers based on IEEE C57.91-1995.

Services List:
  • Power Transformer Ratings
  • Steady State Thermal Ratings for Overhead Conductors
  • Transient Thermal Ratings for Overhead Conductors
  • Power Flow and Contingency Analysis
  • FERC Form 715 Reports
  • NERC Compliance PRC-005 FAC-008
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