• Sections

    1.  Top Rated: Stories which have been maximum appreciated by people.
    2.  Most Active: Stories which is mostly contributed by people or maximum viewed by people.
    3.  New Stories: Recently created stories.

  • 3 ways to create story

    1.  Random Image Challenge (RI) Difficulty*****: Provided with 5 random images that cannot be changed and must be used to create a story in sequence

    2.  Image Set Challenge (IS) Difficulty***: Provided with 10 images that may be used in any order, as many times it is required in story, majority of which represent a related theme or topic

    3.  Free Form (FF) Difficulty*: Total control of story where in select images from the WallSplat library, or images that are imported into personal WallSplat library

  • Facebook Integration

    • Integration of WallSplat account with Facebook Login.
    • Share post and comments
    • Facebook friends can even “Like” stories.
    • Facebook App:

  • Image Library

    • Image Library to select 1000s of images to select from
    • Random Image generator that takes all of the guess work out of selecting images
    • Custom Image sets that group images based on theme or topic

  • Invite Friends

    Import contacts from 
    • Yahoo, MSN, Gmail
    • Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
    • Email Clients like Outlook and Thunder
    • Manual Invitation


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