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The first choice of line of business applications has always been the one with a graphical interface, as its more intuitive, userfriendly and easy to learn. With maximum number of desktops in the world having Windows OS, the choice will be in the favour of Windows Application Development. Lately Web Based Application Development has picked up but still if an application is going to be used most part of the business day, then the choice is for a Windows Application as to a Web-Based Application.

Strategic Alliance since its inception has been into the area of Windows Application Development using the state of the art technologies prevailing at the time. We have a quite a high experience of Windows Application Development.

Windows Application are the default norm for application development as it allows for disconnected working environment as compared to that of the Web-Based Environment in which case a continuous connectivity is must. Moreover Windows Based Application allows for a more liberal development and implementation environment.


  • Systems Analysis and Desiging
  • Application Development
  • Application Security and Performance Audit
  • Application Performance Tuning


  • You get the best performance, security, stability and scalability as all the application designed by us are based on that criteria.
  • Your application development time will be the least as all the professionals on our team know the .Net Framework like back of their hand. This we can state because the minimum requirement for joining our team is that a candidate should have passed the Microsoft Exam for DotNet Framework or should achieve the same within two months of joining us.
  • The application developed will be a la grante as all the professionals on our team know their business in and out and are Microsoft Certified Professionals for their respective tasks.
  • You will get the state of the art solution which will last longer and will not be needed to change in the near future as we implement our solutions using .Net Framework 2.0/3.0
  • You get lower maintenance overhead from the implementation viewpoint as we use technologies like ClickOnce.
  • Your processes are effectively controlled and the applications are more visually appealing as we use Workflow Foundation and Windows Presentaion Framework.
  • Your applications will be able to run disconnected as we use ADO.Net 2.0 with datasets.


  • Microsoft DotNet Framework 1.0/1.1/2.0/3.0
  • Microsoft Visual Basic.Net
  • Microsoft C#
  • Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0
  • Microsoft C++

How to

  • You may contact us and ask for our quotes for any of our services provided by us listed above by using QuoteRequest.
  • On reciept of a request from you our experts will contact you to gather your preliminary requirement.
  • We will then create a Scope of Work document and based on that we will provide you with  ball park estimates.
    This entire excercise will be done free of charge.
  • Once you approve the ball park estimates, we will finalise the Terms of Reference[ToR] and  enter into a contract and then start the detailed requirement collection phase.
  • Conequent to which we will finalise a Systems Requirements Document and submit to you.
  • On acceptance of the same, the scope of work will be frozen and final estimates of charges will be provided to you.
  • On acceptance of the Systems Requirements Document, we will start the analysis and design of the system.
  • We will also be creating Systems Design Documents simulataneously, which may be delivered to you if agreed upon previously in ToR.
  • On the completion of the development phase, a testing environment will be staged, and client shall perform thorough testing so as to check whether the system meets all the functional requirements listed in the SRS.
  • On satisfaction of the client, the client shall issue the User Acceptance Certification, which will be deemed as the close of the project and all the deliverables will be handed over.
  • If the scope of work also includes implementation into live environment, the solution shall be implemented into the live environment.
  • The Scope of work may be increased or decreased at anytime be mutual agreement of both the parties and the change order for the same shall be issued by the client. In such a case the charges for the change order shall be preagreed upon by both the parties.
  • If at anytime, it will be felt by us that the project or any of its subcomponent cannot be finished within the stated time frame, we shall intimate you the time overrun that will occur if the job is to be completed. Then it will be your call either to agree upon the extended time frame or to drop the job at hand, in which case you shall pay for the partial work already committed for the job.

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